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Tribal-Love Pure Passion Oil with 300mg of pure CBD is the perfect product for that intimate occasion! It’s water-based and has no alcohol. Excellent for assisting in relaxation and enhancing the entire intimate experience. It moisturizes delicate skin, relieves discomfort, improves mood and is great for anyone looking for added pleasure. In simple terms, it can definitely add to the fun!


    An experience that can’t be explained, but needs to be felt!

    300mg of pure Cannabidiol (CBD)

    Water-based and has no alcohol

    Designed specifically for intimate pleasure

    Enhances the entire experience

    Great for anyone looking for added pleasure

    Promotes relaxation

    Enhances sensation

    Moisturizes delicate skin

    Relieves discomfort

    Improves mood

    Uniquely formatted with lipid enhancers

    2 oz.

  • ***DISCLAIMER***

    This product contains oil. If using a latex protection, it can undermine the strength of the latex and increase the risk of breakage

  • Suggested Use

    Dispense a small amount of oil into hands. Rub hands together and gently apply to the desired area.


    Free Shipping on orders over $100.

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