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Here are some things users of Tribal Love have said and how they use the products

I use the bath bombs and they work wonders!!!I combine it with a little wine and relax for the evening. - Catherine K. 

My foot was sore to the point it really bothered me to walk on it. I applied the Intensive Relief Rub and within a minute it started working. I was able to walk, hop, you name it. One application lasted two days - Wanda G. 

The coffee will get you right. I mix it with my regular in the morning and my stress level stays intact. - Lady V.

I like to take care of my skin, so I try different products. The skin care line smells good and works as well as my other products, just with the extra kick, that seems to relax me. - Anon.

I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and I use both the Intensive Relief Rub and the Instant Freeze Pain Relief. They both worked wonders, one is a higher dose than the other, So I use them according to my pain level - Cynthia W. 

My sciatic nerve started acting up, and while I was waiting to see my doctor I tired both creams. The Instant Freeze gave me some relief. So I tried the Intense Relief Rub and that one allowed me to move around a lot better and go to sleep. - Carlotta Fitz.

I just wanted to try gummies. I tried some for my birthday. I felt happy and laughed the whole night. No next day headache. - Marie B. 

I tried the roll-on oil pain relief on my finger that had been bothering me all day. I started to feel relief right after I put it on. The nagging ache was alleviated. - Teresa 

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