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CO2 Extraction Methods and the Basics

CBD Extraction

How Is CBD Oil Made?

CBD is extracted through various methods such as The Rick Simpson Method, Carrier Oil Extraction, Alcohol Extraction and CO2 Extraction. The way in which CBD is extracted influences the quality and purity of the final product.

The Rick Simpson Method

The Rick Simpson Method of CBD extraction is named after the original creator, Rick Simpson. This method is known as the cheapest form of extraction. The CBD plant material is submerged in a hydrocarbon like pentane, hexane, acetone, propane or butane to steep. The compounds of the cannabis plant are stripped from the plant material and left in a liquid form. Hydrocarbons have a low boiling point, and thus they are easily boiled to reveal CBD oil. Rick Simpson Oil is used for a variety of medical benefits; including relieving cancer symptoms as Rick Simpson had originally crafted the RSO oil for. The Rick Simpson Oil has a thick, syrupy consistency that can be added to food and drinks or applied as a topical.

Carrier Oil Extraction

Carrier Oil Extraction is made with an oil like olive, coconut or hemp seed. The cannabis plant is decarboxylated (heated to a certain temperature and cooked to activate the chemicals within the plant material). The plant material is then added to an oil and heated again for several hours which causes the cannabinoids to surface from the plant and into the carrier oil. This method of extraction is considered cost effective, yet not the best quality as it produces low yields of the active cannabinoids and is easily perishable.

Alcohol Extraction

The method of Alcohol Extraction is used by dripping Ethanol through a container, stripping cannabinoids as it slowly drips into the collection reservoir. Conveniently, this can be done in hot or cold conditions. You can also extract CBD oil by soaking the plant matter in ethanol until the CBD has been deposited from the hemp while the ethanol continues to boil. This method is considered to be tiresome as it contains a lengthy purification process and certain CBD products cannot be created.

CO2 Extraction

One of the most popular method for extracting CBD oil is the C02 Extraction process. There are three types of C02 Extraction: Supercritical, Mid-Critical and Subcritical. We do CO2 extraction at Peak City CBD! It is by the far the cleanest and best way to make CBD and provides the best tasting CBD.

Supercritical is the most widely used method for C02 extractions. Carbon Dioxide is used as a solvent after converting C02 into a liquid through a specialized equipment. The superficial C02 is passed through the cannabis plant, filtering the necessary nutrients needed for CBD oil. The solution then passes through a separator that draws the CBD and terpenes out.

Mid-Critical and Subcritical Extraction is done through a similar process, yet they are unable to pull out the larger molecules. Both of these methods are effectively used to create full-spectrum CBD oils.

Supercritical Extraction is considered to have the highest quality extraction of CBD oil.

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